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  • Director
    Diederik Ebbinge
  • Release
  • Producer
    Column Film
    Gijs van de Westelaken
  • Visual effects supervisor
    Dennis Kleyn, NVX
  • Graphic design & typography
    Donald Roos
  • Director of photography
    Dennis Wieleart, NSC

Matterhorn is the first feature film directed by Diederik Ebbinge, who also wrote the scenario. The film tells the tragicomic story of widower Fred who lives a life of solitude after his wife's death. When the stranger Theo suddenly stands before his door, his life takes a new turn.

Matterhorn premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013 and won the public award. Critics gave the film mostly good criticism. After the success of the IFFR, this Dutch Telefilm received an international premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2013. The film won prizes at film festivals around the world.

For this particular film, we’re proud that we designed the title sequence. The camera follows the yellow region bus through the meadows. When the first credits have been shown, the main title becomes visible in the distance. The letters create a mountain, as it were, the Matterhorn, in the flat Dutch landscape.

For the typography, we used typeface Univers. Not only does this typeface originated from Swiss. The clear and regulated character of the Universe also fits well with Fred's life.