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  • Director
    Pollo de Pimentel
  • Release
  • Producer
    Willem Zijlstra
  • Animator
    Dennis Kleyn, NVX
  • Graphic Design
    Donald Roos
  • Release
    January 2016 

Planet X Title Design created the leader for the second season of the Dutch television series ‘Heer & Meester’ (‘Lord & Master’).

In the series we follow the wealthy and charismatic gentleman Valentijn Bentinck who spends his time helping the police to solve cases. Together with Leo, a butler in the chique hotel where he lives, the charming Valentijn manages to save himself again and again from the most impossible situations while solving crimes. Abandoned at a Catholic boarding school as an infant, the mystery of his past runs like a thread through the series.

With Valentijn as a Dutch James Bond, Heer & Meester is a clear reference to series from the fifties and sixties such as The Saint and The Persuaders - with ample tongue-in-cheek. For the design of the leader we're taking that inspiration by the typical design of those times. We are introducing Valentijn's character through a graphic elaboration of iconic elements from his past and present. A good example are the backgammon inspired elements that are returning several times.