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Turbulent Skies

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  • Director
    Joram Lürsen
  • Release
    October 2020
  • Producer
    Topkapi Series
    Idse Grotenhuis, Arnold Heslenfeld, Frans van Gestel, Laurette Schillings
  • Visual effects supervisors
    Albert van Vuure, NVX
    Dennis Kleyn, NVX 
  • VFX production supervisor
    Dennis Kleyn, NVX 
  • 3D supervisor
    Jasper Scheepbouwer 
  • Compositing
    Roel Meijering
    David Goubitz
    Frank Taris
    Daisy Keehnen 
  • VFX producer
    Violette Kleyn
  • Dynamics & FX
    Chris Klinkhamer
  • Inhouse data wrangler
    Ruud Vreman
  • External aviation advisor
    Ronnie Olsthoorn
  • Title design
    Planet X Title Design
    Donald Roos 
  • Release
    Fall 2020
  • Running time
    8 x 50 min
  • Format
    shot on Arri Mini, 4K
  • D.O.P.
    Mark van Aller, NSC
  • Editor
    Peter Alderliesten, NCE
  • Facility
    Storm Post Production
  • Grading
    Tom Mulder
  • Music reel/clip 
    Merlijn Snitker

As founders of the Dutch aviation, idealist Albert Plesman and opportunist Anthony Fokker, are inextricably bound together. They cannot live with or without each other. During the interwar period and in spite of their differences, they pull off setting up civil aviation in the Netherlands, when the world is heading for a new war.

Planet X is excited to work on the many historical airplanes and locations this unique production requires. With the aid of external advisors, our team will focus on the creation of countless complex airplane assets that Fokker designed and created between 1924 and 1939.

Heavy on demanding photoreal CG, the production involves extensive R&D for both historical accuracy as well as (aero)dynamics for all 3D assets.

Follow this page for regular updates on the VFX progress for Turbulent Skies. 

Visual effects in progress

VFX breakdown reel highlighting, among other things, the R&D process to explore possibilities of replacing a modern-day airplane by a 3D CG airplane, allowing the DOP to frame, follow and focus on something physical, instead of shooting empty plates for the same purpose.

Full CG test

A full CG test of a Fokker F.VII which verifies model, textures, shading, light and dynamics.