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  • Director
    Frank Ketelaar, Albert Jan van Rees, Shariff Korver
  • Release
  • Producer
    Robert Kievit
  • Visual effects supervisors
    Dennis Kleyn, NVX
  • 3D supervisor
    Jasper Scheepbouwer 
  • Compositing
    Frank van der Peet
    Frank Taris 
  • VFX producer
    Violette Kleyn

    Title design
    Planet X Title Design
    Donald Roos
  • Release
    January 2017, The Netherlands
  • Running time
    50 min
  • Format
    shot on Arri Alexa, afwerking HD
  • D.O.P.
    Dennis Wielaert
  • Editor
    Sándor Soeteman, NCE
  • Facility

The hit series Klem (Stuck) (close to 2 million viewers each week) tells the story of impeccable widower Hugo (Atsma). He has a high position at the Tax Office and lives a quiet life with his two daughters. All of this changes when his youngest daughter's closest friend appears to be with the daughter of the infamous criminal Marius (Derwig). Because the lives of the two girls are so closely connected, the lives of their fathers too are becoming increasingly intertwined with lethal consequences.

Planet X took care of various types of visual effects ranging from customizing the exterior of the Tax Office to special effects (nozzle fire, impacts), placing TV content and countless other components.

Planet X Title Design designed the leader and titles, while ScreenInvaders has provided all on-set screen content.

Learn more about the leader and title design of Klem by clicking here.

The exterior of the tax authorities was digitally altered.